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Stainless Still Wipes Station - Billboard Rack

Stainless Still Wipes Station - Billboard Rack

Our premium wipes dispenser. A functional solution for when you have limited wall space.



  • Size: 330(diameter) x 910 mm(high)
  • Stainless steel
  • With plastic bucket for putting wet wipes
  • Magnetic door
  • Galvanized inner bin
  •  Inbuilt waste bin below Wipes.

  •   Equipped with billboards Rack.

  •   Low maintenance – Minimal moving parts.

  •   Freestanding versatility – change location whenever suits.

  •   Need to be used with Bucket – FitnessWipes Bamboo with Bucket or OfficeWipes Bamboo with Bucket

  •   Magnet latch for rear door waste bin access.


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