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  • What are the features of PATL antibacterial Eco Bamboo wipes? PATL抗菌濕巾有什麼特點
    PATL Antibacterial Eco Bamboo Wipes are Made from 100% bamboo fiber, 100% biodegradable, Tree Free, Plastic Free, SGS tested to certify kills 99.99% germs, your greener choice. PATL抗菌環保竹纖維濕紙巾是由100%竹纖維製造, 真正無榭無腸, 而且測試証明有效殺滅細菌達99.99%, 是既環保又可保持衛生的濕巾。
  • How effective are PATL wipes? PATL濕巾殺菌效果如何?
    PATL Wipes have been laboratory tested to kill bacteria up to 99.99% PATL濕巾經SGS測試有效殺滅細菌達99.99%
  • Do PATL wipes contain Ammonia, Bleach or Alcohol? PATL濕巾含有亞摩尼亞, 漂白劑和酒精嗎?"
    No Alcohol No Bleach No Ammonia PATL Wipes are designed for surfaces, but we have deliberately chosen active ingredients which are commonly used in products for usage on the human body (both ingestion and on skin). The main ingredient at 97% is water, and the active ingredients have combined to create an effective yet safe product. PATL抗菌環保竹纖維濕紙巾主要設計於不同材質表面上使用,配方殺菌力強之餘務求不會破壞物件表面, 所以不含酒精 不含漂白劑 不含亞摩尼亞等比較有腐食性的化學成份。 殺菌液體由97%水份組成,活性有效成份配方同時兼顧效能和使用安全。
  • Do PATL wipes contain plastic? PATL抗菌濕巾含有塑膠嗎?
    PATL wipes made by 100% bamboo fiber, contain NO PLASTIC, 100% biodegradable and compostable. 一般市面大部份濕巾為了方便使用及加強韌度都會使用含有塑膠成份的物料製造,雖然使用效果良好,但是對大自然損害很大,減少塑膠癈物已經成為全球國家都要面對的問題。 PATL濕巾使用了100%竹纖維製造,不單吸水效果好, 而且比木漿纖維強韌,是更環保的選擇。
  • Can a disinfecting wipe be used as a hand wipe, nappy wipe or for personal use?可以把PATL抗菌濕巾用於身體上嗎?"
    PATL Wipes were designed primarily for wiping down surfaces. Although safe to handle, we do not recommend using the Disinfecting Wipes as a hand wipe, personal wipe, or a baby wipe. PATL抗菌濕巾設計目的是使用於為環境物件使用。雖然接觸是安全的, 但是不建議使用於身體上。
  • How do you disinfect and sanitize with disinfecting wipes? 您如何用消毒濕巾消毒呢?
    PATL Wipes quickly clean and disinfect. The generous sized cloth provides ample coverage to wipe down almost any surface. Just gently wipe the surface with the pre-moistened towelette and then discard responsibly. The formula is designed to evaporate quickly. PATL濕巾可以快速場地為物件清潔和消毒。濕巾大小剛好可以足夠清潔大部份表面。 只需以同一方向抹一遍需要消毒的表面,等待表面自然風乾,即可完成清潔消毒。
  • Where should disinfecting wipes be used? PATL抗菌濕巾可以用在什麼地方?
    Great for benches, upholstery, handles, touch screens, consoles, dumbbells, mats, and handrails, as well as keyboards, telephones, desks, and door-handles to name but a few examples. They are also recommended to use in the showers and toilets where there are benches, counters and other common area surfaces. PATL濕巾可以用於多種不同材質表面,例如椅子、皮革、扶手、觸控屏、顯示屏、啞鈴、膠墊、打字鍵盤、手機等等,非常適合人流大的場所便用。
  • How many wipes are needed to clean surface?每次清潔消毒需要使用幾多片濕巾?
    One wipe is sufficient to wipe down most surface areas that you will come into contact with. Should an area be contain soil or debris, use one cloth to clean away the debris and a second to disinfect the surface. 一片PATL濕巾已經足夠為大部份可接觸表面使用。如表面有泥土或很厚的污垢,就要先除掉表面污垢才進行消毒。
  • Can I flush the wipes? 可以把濕巾掉進廁所沖走嗎?
    It is our belif that the vast majority of wipes are not suitable for flushing, even if the manufacture claims they are. Wipes will clogged drains and blockl wastewater systems. 大部份濕巾都不適合掉進廁所沖走的,因濕巾不會即時溶化而堵塞去水系統。請把使用完的濕巾掉進合適的垃圾桶裡。
  • How do i correctly install Wall Mounted Dispenser? 如何安裝掛牆濕巾提取器?
    Please visit here to watch the demonstration video 請點擊以下連結觀看安裝示範:
  • My wipes aren't dispensing properly. Why? 為什麼不能一下抽出一片濕巾?
    Please visit here to watch the demonstration video 請點擊以下連結觀看安裝示範:
  • My wipes roll is becoming dry inside the dispenser. Why? 為什麼濕巾光在未用完之前就乾掉?
    This should not happen if the instructions are followed. The only times a roll of our wipes will dry out is the following: They are mistakenly taken out of their plastic bag. As per the label directions, please be sure to keep the roll inside their bag at all times. The dispenser is incorrectly installed so the wipes dispense from the bottom. This allows the liquid to drain, drying the roll out, whilst at the same time leaving a wet patch on the floor below! Always install the dispenser so the opening is at the top and the wipes dispense upwards. If these instructions are followed, the wipes generally stay wet for as long as it takes to use up the roll. Always refer to the instructions on the individual wipe label. PATL濕巾設計配方是可以一直保持濕潤的,請留意以下兩點,如還有問題請跟我們客服聯絡。 第一: 不要把濕巾包裝拿走而直接把濕巾卷放入提取器內, 請連同濕巾包裝放中提取器中使用。 第二: 不要把掛牆濕巾提取器倒轉安裝。這樣抗菌液會向下流到地上,並使濕巾亁掉。
  • Shipping Policy 送貨問題
    Free delivery in Hong Kong. Under normal circumstances, products can be arranged delivery within 5 working days. 本地免費送貨,一般情況下貨品可於5個工作天內送到。
  • Payment Policy 付款問題
    We accept online credit card (visa / master) or cash on delivery, and cash on delivery can be paid by cheque. 我們接受網上使用信用卡(visa/master)或貨到付款,到付可以現金式支票付款。

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