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Wipes VS Spray Bottle and Towels 濕巾VS噴霧瓶和毛巾

Spray bottle and towels have been the common disinfect solution in many businesses, including gym room and fitness center. However, is it the only solution you have? Eco antibacterial wipes may be an alternative you are looking for.

噴霧瓶和毛巾已成為許多企業(包括健身房和健身中心)常用的消毒解決方案。但是,這是您唯一的解決方案嗎? ECO抗菌濕巾可能是您正在尋找的替代品。

Concerns of using spray bottle and towels使用噴霧瓶和毛巾的問題

The biggest concern with the spray bottle and towel system was cross-contamination. Especially now when transmittable disease is a big topic.


There are many complaints from people who hated the towel system because they felt they were just putting old germs right back on the surfaces, and they hated touching wet towels.


The towel system was also a very time-consuming process to manage spray bottles and to do laundry all day long to keep the towels clean.



Are wet wipes damaging our earth?


Imagine hundred of plastic wipes are used in a gym everyday, the impact to the environment would be huge.



Eco-friendly Bamboo wipes would be the answer. 環保的竹巾將是答案

PATL Antibacterial ECO Bamboo wipes made from 100% bamboo fiber

100% biodegradable | Tree Free | Plastic Free

由100%竹纖維製成的PATL抗菌環保竹纖維濕巾100%可生物降解| 無樹 | 無塑料

Here’s how Eco Wipes better than spray and towel這是環保濕巾比噴霧和毛巾更好的方式:

  1. Convenience: One step cleaning solution no need for searching for lost spray bottle and towel 便利性:一步清潔解決方案,無需尋找丟失的噴霧瓶和毛巾

  2. Hygiene: customers and staff don't need to touch and use dirty towels and spray bottles 衛生:客戶和員工無需觸摸和使用臟毛巾和噴霧瓶

  3. Presentation: spray bottles and towels can look untidy and dirty 展示:噴霧瓶和毛巾可能看起來不整潔和臟

  4. Equipment protection: Chemical solution sprayed directly onto electronic equipment may cause damaging after some times. 設備保護:化學溶液直接噴射到電子設備上可能會在一段時間後造成損壞。

  5. Easy management: Staff only need to fill the wipes dispenser once empty. 易於管理:工作人員只需要在清空濕巾後就將其補充。

Wet wipes system is definitely a good solution for keeping your site clean and disinfect, but the choice of wet wipes is a question. 濕巾系統絕對是保持場地清潔和消毒的良好解決方案,但是濕巾的選擇是一個問題。


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